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Tester tips SS-024 - Probe tester

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The SS-024 Multimeter probe tips is a tool used for electrical testing and measurements in electronic and electrical applications. It is designed to work with multimeters and other test equipment to carry out various electrical tests. Here you have information about its features and functions:

- The SS-024 Multimeter Probe Tester is equipped with a probe on one end and a connector on the other end that can be plugged into a multimeter or other testing device.
- It is commonly used to measure voltage, current, resistance and other electrical parameters in electronic circuits and components.
- The probe has a sharp tip for precise probing and secure connection to test points.
- The probe may come with color-coded or labeled wires to help identify positive and negative connections.
- It is suitable for a wide range of applications in electronics, electrical repair and testing.

This tool is an essential accessory for technicians, engineers and anyone involved in electronics or electrical work, allowing for safe and accurate electrical measurements and troubleshooting.

Brand: Sunshine
Model: SS-024


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Tester tips SS-024 - Probe tester

$4.29 USD

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