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45º curved welding nozzle ST-862D - 45º Curved Heat Nozzle

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8 Types Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun Nozzles for ATTEN ST-862D BGA Rework Station, Bent/Straight/Spiral Silver Heavy Duty Nozzles for ATTEN ST-862D Hot Air Station, 45 Degree Curved Nozzle for BGA Rework Station hot air ATTEN ST-862D.

Heavy Duty Nozzles for ATTEN ST-862D Hot Air Station: Bent/Straight/Spiral

Size (45 degree curved angle)

Option 1: 6.4MM nozzle for heat gun Option 2: 8.7MM nozzle for heat gun


Solve the problem of horizontal heating of the CPU side of the phone motherboard which cannot be solved with an ordinary nozzle. Easy to install, offers good vision for operation, easy to handle. According to the size of the air gun nozzles, you can choose the corresponding 45 degree nozzle. Attention: If it is loose, use pliers to tighten the middle part.

When using a microscope, you will be forced to use your air gun at an angle. This makes it more difficult to aim hot air directly at the chip or component you are trying to heat. With the 45-degree curved angle nozzles, you can use the ATTEN ST-862D head with a microscope and still aim heat directly on the chip.

Brand: Atten
Model: ST-862D


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45º curved welding nozzle ST-862D - 45º Curved Heat Nozzle


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