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  • Sku: AIXT3B
  • Vendor: Aixun

T3B smart soldering station - T3B Soldering Station

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Principal functions:

1. Connecting to Aixun platform for free software updates automatically, unlimited function update.
2. Adopts 200W super powerful power supply, it only takes 4 seconds for the welder to reach 380℃.
3. Intelligent recognition of welding target and environment, intelligent power compensation and automatic protection.
4. 2.4 inch color screen, 100-480℃ adjustable temperature, with real-time sleep mode.
5. Compatible with T210/115 handles, automatic identification of handle model and working status.
6. Customized temperature memory according to your preferences, quick temperature change in three channels, adjustment by knob.
7. The main unit has a built-in ambient temperature sensor to avoid high temperature operations.
8. Automatic recording of working time and automatic reminder of fatigued operations.
9. Maximum support 24V-8A current output, with DC power supply and burning function.
10. Ultra-durable anti-static insulation design, meets ESD industrial standard.

Package includes:

1x JC Aixun T3B Main Station
1x Handle holder complete with sponge to clean the tip
1x T210 Handle
1x Cartridge (integrated resistance) with angled tip
1x Cartridge (integrated resistance) with knife-shaped tip
1x Cartridge (integrated resistance) with straight tip

Brand: Aixun
Model: T3B


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T3B smart soldering station - T3B Soldering Station

$199.00 USD

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