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Tip ultra C210 - Tip ultra

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Compatible with all station handles that use the T210 handle.

AiXun C210 soldering tip, developed by AiXun, has adopted high temperature overheat prevention and low temperature soldering technology, ensuring high efficiency during soldering. Withstands 30000 high temperature tests and a 72-hour aging test, its high quality ensures a longer service life. It can be heated up to 350℃ in 2 seconds due to its perfect thermal conductivity. It is safe, durable and high quality, universally compatible with JBC handles. There are several types to choose from: S, K, I, bevel head, which easily adapt to different welding requirements. AiXun C210 soldering tip is the best replacement tip made in China, try it and you will be greatly surprised.

Brand: Aixun
Model: Ultra C210 Tips


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Tip ultra C210 - Tip ultra


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