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Powerful sucker SS-041 - Powerful sucker

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The "Dent Puller Lifter Glass Suction Sucker Clamp Cup Load" is a tool used in mobile phone and mini tablet repair, especially for opening and separating LCD screens during the repair process. It is designed to create a vacuum suction force that allows you to safely lift and handle glass screens without damaging them. This tool is especially useful for removing dents or separating components without causing further damage.

The main features and functions of the "Dent Puller Lifter Glass Suction Sucker Clamp Cup Load" include:

  1. Dent Puller: Can be used to gently pull and remove dents from the surface of the device, such as a mobile phone or tablet.

  2. Glass Suction Sucker: The tool uses suction cups to securely hold and lift the glass or LCD screen, making it easier to access internal components.

  3. Clamp Cup Load: The device can hold the screen or glass securely in place while you work on it, preventing it from moving or falling during the repair process.

  4. Designed for Mobile Phones and Mini Tablets: It is specifically designed to work with small electronic devices such as mobile phones and mini tablets, ensuring precision in repairs.

  5. Opening LCD Screens for Repair: The tool is commonly used to open and separate the LCD screen from the body of the device for repair or replacement.

In summary, the "Dent Puller Lifter Glass Suction Sucker Clamp Cup Load" is a useful tool for technicians and repair professionals working on electronic devices, providing a safe and effective way to manipulate delicate screens during repair tasks.

Brand: Sunshine
Model: SS-041


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Powerful sucker SS-041 - Powerful sucker

$2.69 USD

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