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Digital soldering station 861DW - Soldering Rework Station

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The Quick 861DW Digital Rework Station is a high-quality soldering and rework station used for various soldering and desoldering applications in electronics, soldering and repair work. It is known for its precision and advanced features. Here are some details about its features and functions:

1. Digital Display: The station features a digital display that allows precise control and monitoring of temperature, air flow and other settings.

2. Adjustable Temperature and Air Flow: Offers adjustable temperature settings and air flow control to suit various soldering and desoldering tasks.

3. Hot Air Rework: The Quick 861DW is primarily designed for hot air rework, making it suitable for tasks such as removing and installing surface-mounted components.

4. Fast Heating: It has fast heating capabilities, allowing for rapid temperature recovery during soldering or desoldering processes.

5. Precision and Accuracy: The station offers precise temperature control and stable airflow, ensuring consistent and reliable soldering results.

6. Programmable Settings: Some models can offer programmable temperature profiles and user presets for different soldering and rework applications.

7. ESD Safety: It is designed with protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD) to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.

8. Compatibility: The station is compatible with various soldering and desoldering tips and nozzles to adapt to different sizes and types of components.

9. Friendly User Interface: It usually has an intuitive user interface with buttons or a touch screen for easy operation.

The Quick 861DW Digital Rework Station is widely used in electronic manufacturing, repair shops and laboratories where precision soldering and desoldering is required. It is a versatile tool for tasks such as soldering and desoldering of surface-mounted components, IC removal and rework, and more.

Please note that specific features and capabilities may vary depending on the model and version of the Quick 861DW station. It is essential to consult the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for proper operation and safety precautions when using this equipment.

Brand: Quick
Model: 861DW


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    Digital soldering station 861DW - Soldering Rework Station

    $339.00 USD

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