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M5T-B3 trinocular microscope 50X (Black) + 144 LED ring - Trinocular Microscope

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Información del producto

The RELIFE RL-M5T-B3 stereo microscope is a trinocular microscope with a wide magnification range and various features that make it suitable for mobile phone repair applications, jewelry identification, production line inspection and more. Here is a detailed description of its key features:

- Trinocular Microscope: The microscope has a trinocular configuration that includes two eyepieces for visual observation and a third trinocular port that allows connection of a camera, such as an HDMI camera.

- Adjustable Magnification: Offers adjustable magnification ranging from 0.7X to 5X, providing a continuous magnification range from 7X to 50X. This allows a wide variety of magnification levels for different applications.

- Wide Field of View: The microscope has a wide field of view that prevents the feeling of dizziness during prolonged observation.

- Clear Image and Simple Operation: Provides clear images and simple operation, making it suitable for various applications, including mobile phone repair, jewelry identification and production line inspection.

- Trinocular Viewing on the Same Screen: Allows synchronized trinocular viewing on the same screen, making it easier to observe and document samples.

- 10X Wide Angle HD Eyepieces: Includes 10X wide angle HD eyepieces for comfortable, high-quality observation.

- Accessories Included: Comes with several accessories, including an adapter for a camera with a focus lens (C-MOUNT), a ring light with 144 LEDs for illumination, additional 10X and 20X eyepieces, rubber eyepieces and a protective case.

- Working Distance: The working distance is approximately 10 cm (without barlow), and is compatible with 0.5X or 0.7X barlows to increase the working distance if necessary.

In summary, the RELIFE RL-M5T-B3 stereo microscope is a versatile tool with adjustable magnification, trinocular viewing and a wide variety of accessories, making it suitable for a wide range of applications in fields such as mobile phone repair, jewelry and production line inspection.

Brand: Relife
Model M5T-B3


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M5T-B3 trinocular microscope 50X (Black) + 144 LED ring - Trinocular Microscope

$329.00 USD

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