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18 in 1 Plate Holder for iPhone X / 14 PM RL-601T

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RELIFE RL-601T 18 in 1 Motherboard Middle Layer Board Plant Tin Platform 3D BGA Reballing Stencil Kit for iPhone models ranging from the iPhone X to the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Here is a description of its components and purpose:

- Motherboard Middle Layer Base Plate: It is a specialized plate used during the iPhone repair process. It can be used for various purposes such as holding and stabilizing the motherboard while working on it.

- Tin Planting Platform: This is a platform designed to apply solder (tin) to specific components on the motherboard. Helps ensure an accurate weld during the repair process.

- 3D Stencil Kit for BGA Reballing: BGA (Ball Grid Array) reballing involves reapplying solder balls to the BGA components on the motherboard.

- For iPhone X ~ 14 Pro Max: This kit is intended for use with a variety of iPhone models, from iPhone X to iPhone 14 Pro Max. The kit is versatile and can be used on various iPhone models within this range.

Brand: Relife
Model: RL-601T


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18 in 1 Plate Holder for iPhone X / 14 PM RL-601T

$47.40 USD

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