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UV welding mask - Solder mask

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Relife UV Solder Mask for PCB BGA Paint to Prevent Corrosive Short Circuits and Soldering Arc, Solder Flux Oils and Solder Paste.


Keep printed circuit boards free of shorts and arcs.
This paint is used to protect PCB traces from corrosion and moisture. Also used to repair PCB after soldering or rework.

1. Apply the paint on your PCB.
2. Spread it ON THE PCB and cover the transparent mask.
3. Exposure to ultraviolet light (or sunlight) for a few minutes.
4. Use gasoline or oil-based solvents to remove excess paint.


- Material: Coating paint
- Capacity: 10ml
- Color: Black, Green
- Quantity: 1 piece

Brand: Relife


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UV welding mask - Solder mask

$4.40 USD

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