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Solder Paste 153º / 183º - Solder Paste

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We introduce the Ma Ant 158º and 183º Professional Solder Paste:
Your Ultimate Solution for Precision Soldering on iPhone X, XS, Max and More!


  1. High resistance, great welding capacity.
  2. Outstanding soldering performance, uniform and delicate tin beads, firm solder joints.
  3. Innovative formula containing silver, superior specifications, solution for common problems in mobile phone repairs.
  4. Increased silver particles, better conductivity and less risk of defective welds.
  5. Thin, sticky consistency, no tin bubbles, uniform solder balls and solid joints.

Whether you're working on intricate electronic repairs, soldering tasks, or fine detail applications like iPhone X, XS, and Max, trust Ma Ant Professional Solder Paste to deliver exceptional results. Elevate your welding experience and ensure precision and reliability in every joint. Try it today!

Brand: MaAnt


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Solder Paste 153º / 183º - Solder Paste


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