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Soldering station T12-XS - Soldering station

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GVM T12-XS Professional Constant Temperature Soldering Station for Mobile Phone Repair and BGA Reballing

- Applicable for electronic maintenance, such as welding in electronic factory workshops, electronic repair and maintenance of mobile phones, etc.
- Fast heating, tin melting in 6 seconds, and no difficulties with small and large solders.
- No need to disassemble the handle; Disassembly and replacement in 2 seconds, goodbye to the hassle, plug-and-play, integrated design, efficient heat conduction and temperature recovery, reduces heat loss and makes soldering easier.
- Auto sleep function and standby mode greatly extend the life of the heating core, save electricity and reduce potential risks.
- LCD screen, the temperature is intuitive and controllable at all times.
- Comes with a copper wire ball for cleaning and a soldering tip storage compartment, allowing you to place and replace soldering tips to avoid loss and for quick changes and storage.
- Thermal insulating silicone cover, non-slip and burn-proof, for safer use.
- 3 different temperatures can be preselected according to individual work needs, which is convenient for various welding requirements; After selecting a temperature, there is no need to wait, just grab the handle and work.
- Small in size, portable for business trips, solving the problem that traditional soldering stations are difficult to carry.
- Can be combined with other types of 112 series soldering tips according to your own needs.

- Brand: GVM
- Product Name: Constant Temperature Soldering Station for Mobile Phone Repair
- Model: Gvm T12-XS
- Net Weight: About 800g
- Gross Weight: About 1200g
- Product Size: 150*90*43mm
- Package Size: 195*160*105mm
- Temperature Range: 80~480°C
- Automatic Suspend: Supported
- Auto Sleep Mode: Supported
- Voltage Range: AC 90~230V, 50/60Hz, 5A
- Maximum Power: 72W
- Heating Method: Intelligent PID Temperature Control
- Temperature Preset: 300/350/400°C
- Display Method: LCD Screen
- Operating Temperature: 10-40°C/50-122°F

Package Included:
- 1 x Soldering Station
- 1 x Soldering Tip
- 1 x Cleaning sponge
- 1 x Copper Wire Ball
- 1 x Soldering Iron Holder
- 1 x Silicone Pad
- 1 x Soldering Station Handle
- 1 x Ground Cable
- 1 x Power Cable

Brand: GVM
Model: T12-XS


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Soldering station T12-XS - Soldering station

$37.10 USD

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