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Cleaning Cloths - White Wiper

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Anti-Static Wipes for Clean Rooms

Anti-static wipes are essential for cleanroom environments where a high level of cleanliness and static control is required. These wipes are ideal for cleaning electronic components and sensitive surfaces.

Quantity: 400pcs

Featured Features:

  • Antistatic: Designed to reduce the buildup of static electricity, which is essential to prevent damage to sensitive electronic components.

  • Effective Cleaning: Wipes are designed for effective cleaning, removing dust and dirt particles efficiently.

  • Clean Rooms: They are suitable for use in clean room environments where a high level of contamination control is required.

  • Versatile: They can be used in a variety of applications, including cleaning screens, lenses, electronic components and more.

  • High Quality: Made with high quality materials to ensure reliable performance.

RELIFE RL-045 Anti-Static Wipes are an essential tool for technicians and professionals working in environments where strict control of static and cleanliness is required. These wipes will help you keep components and surfaces clean and static-free.

Brand: Sunshine


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Cleaning Cloths - White Wiper

$7.50 USD

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