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Glue Remover Handle with 3 Blades - Pen Glue Remover Set

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Glue Remover Set with 3 Sheets - Adhesive Removal Kit

This glue removal set includes three specialized blades designed to make removing glue and adhesive residue easy.

Main Features:

- Versatility: This set includes three blades with different shapes and sizes, allowing you to adapt to a variety of cleaning needs on different surfaces.

- Efficiency: The blades are designed with sharp edges that allow you to effectively scrape off glue and residue, making it easy to remove effortlessly.

- Safety: Each blade has an ergonomic handle that provides a comfortable and secure grip, minimizing the risk of cuts or injuries during use.

- Durability: Made with strong and durable materials, these blades are designed to maintain their performance over time.

This 3-blade glue removal set is an essential tool to have in your cleaning and repair kit. Whether you're working on home projects, needing to remove stubborn adhesive labels, or performing maintenance tasks, these glue remover blades will give you the efficiency and precision you need.

Created by: Edgar Yo Reparo Academy

Brand: Wuzip


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Glue Remover Handle with 3 Blades - Pen Glue Remover Set

$10.00 USD

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