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CTV M-28 Connector

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The CTV RELIFE M-28 0.35X/0.5X adapter is an optical adapter used to connect a trinocular stereo microscope to a camera. This type of adapter is commonly used in microscopy applications to allow images or video to be captured through the microscope optics using a camera.

Here's a breakdown of its features and functionality:

1. **0.35X/0.5X Magnification**: The adapter usually offers two magnification options, either 0.35X or 0.5X. This choice allows you to adjust the field of view and image size when connecting the camera to the microscope.

2. **CTV (C-Mount) Compatibility**: The adapter is designed to fit CTV (C-Mount) cameras, which is a standard interface for connecting cameras to microscopes, telescopes and other optical devices.

3. **Trinocular Stereo Microscope Compatibility**: It is intended to be used with trinocular stereo microscopes. Trinocular microscopes have two eyepieces for visual observation and a third port (trinocular head) for camera connection.

4. **Camera Connection**: The adapter serves as an intermediary between the stereo microscope optics and the camera. It allows the camera to capture what is seen through the microscope.

5. **Field of View Adjustment**: By choosing between 0.35X and 0.5X magnifications, you can adjust the field of view to suit your specific imaging needs.

6. **Microscopy Applications**: This adapter is commonly used in microscopy applications for documentation, research and analysis. It is especially useful in fields such as biology, materials science, and quality control.

7. **Image and Video Capture**: With this adapter, you can capture still images and videos of samples or specimens observed under the microscope. This is valuable for archiving, analyzing, and sharing findings.

In summary, the CTV RELIFE M-28 0.35X/0.5X adapter serves as a crucial tool for connecting a trinocular stereo microscope to a camera, expanding the capabilities of the microscope for imaging and documentation purposes. Improves the versatility and functionality of microscopy setups in various scientific and industrial applications.

Brand: Relife
Model: M-28


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CTV M-28 Connector


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