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Multifunctional thermal blanket RL-004FA - Multifunctional heat pad

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Información del producto

The RELIFE RL-004FA is a silicone heat insulation pad designed for BGA soldering work and repair tasks involving high temperatures.

- Heat Insulation Pad Type: This pad is used as a working surface for soldering and repair, providing thermal insulation and heat resistance.

- Dimensions: It has a size of 500 x 350 mm, which offers enough space to work on electronic components and devices.

- Thickness: The pad has a thickness of 5.7 mm, making it thick enough to withstand high temperatures without deforming.

- Heat Resistance: It can withstand temperatures up to 500°C, making it a safe option for high-temperature welding and repair work.

- Silicone Material: It is made of high quality silicone that is heat resistant and durable.

- Easy Cleaning: It can be cleaned with water and mild detergent or a soft cloth, making maintenance easier.

- Honeycomb Structure on the Back: The pad has a honeycomb structure on the back that improves heat resistance and provides good thermal insulation.

- Additional Features: It is non-slip, flame retardant, anti-scald, antistatic and corrosion resistant. It is also foldable without deformation and has strong resilience.

- Package: Includes a heat insulation pad in the package (not including other components).

In short, the RELIFE RL-004FA is a silicone heat insulation pad designed to provide a safe, heat-resistant work surface during BGA soldering and electronic repair work. Its heat resistance, durability and additional features make it suitable for tasks involving high temperatures.

Brand: Relife
Model: RL-004FA


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Multifunctional thermal blanket RL-004FA - Multifunctional heat pad


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