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Solder paste 183º - Solder Paste

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183º Solder Paste - Efficient Solution for Precise Soldering

Product description:
Our WUZIP 183º soldering paste is the perfect choice for your delicate and precise soldering needs. This low temperature solder paste is designed specifically for applications requiring gentle, controlled heat. With a melting point of 183 degrees Celsius, it ensures that your electronic components and heat-sensitive metals stay safe during the soldering process.

Key Features:
- Melting point of 183 degrees Celsius.
- Excellent electrical and mechanical conductivity.
- Ideal for sensitive electronic components.
- Facilitates precise and controlled welding.
- Compatible with a variety of metals.

Whether you're working on electronics projects, repairs, or any application that requires precision soldering, our 183º solder paste will provide you with the reliable results you need. Add this product to your cart now and experience the ease of welding with precision and safety.

Brand: Wuzip


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Solder paste 183º - Solder Paste

$8.00 USD

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