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iBoot B Android power cable - Phone series power cable

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1. Compatible with more than 300 Android models, intelligent constant voltage and constant current output, multi-level automatic overcurrent and overvoltage protection, self-identification.

2. Use the conventional Micro USB interface, support the expansion of new interfaces at any time, high expandability, easy to replace, and compatible with future models.

3. Mechanical ammeter interface design, can be used without connecting the power supply, allowing more accurate judgment of large and small currents.

4. Equipped with a recognized battery contact holder, ready to use, it can identify the current/voltage/power of the battery, effectively solving the problem that the mobile phone cannot recognize the battery, restart and power on. Highly integrated circuit, using smaller components and a smaller, more accurate battery detection board, with a more precise and easy-to-position battery latch, which is not easy to loose.

5. The connection with the main board is not easy to loose, with more than 90,000 folds and resistant to breaking. The ultra-thin and ultra-soft FPC flexible row is durable and easy to operate.

6. Non-magnetic copper plug design, resistant to oxidation, easy to use, suitable for all power plugs in the maintenance industry.

Brand: Sunshine
Model: iBoot B


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iBoot B Android power cable - Phone series power cable

$14.00 USD

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